Ready. Set. Go.

Okay. This is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Hello world :)

I have, in the past, been very apprehensive towards the idea of writing a blog; however much I throw myself into something, I always seem to give up or neglect it much sooner than I would have hoped. In short, I’m lazy, and extremely impatient. (Wow, I’ve only been doing this for five minutes and I’m already giving you the negative tour of my personality. Great. *sarcastic eye roll*) I always thought that if I were to write a blog it would follow this pattern and fall into disrepair within the depths of the internet – that I would forget about it and let my online diary just sit in cyberspace for eternity.

The way I write is like a stream of consciousness, I have never been good at writing any other way like with structure or what not. My approach to this is exactly how I would write in a real diary; uncensored, un-embellished and free flowing…although of course not publicly splurging every single aspect of my life :) The point is I would never want something so personal to be get lost like that, so I do want to keep this up and make this fun, and if anyone wants to read it you are more than welcome to come along on my journey. This might be something I actually don’t give up, I really hope so xD

So, after many ‘To blog, or not to blog?’ battles in my head, someone just a few days ago said to me that one of my tales in particular ‘had to be told to the world’. I adore telling stories, and fortunately (if that’s the right word) a lot of absurd things seem to happen right in front of me, and well, now I am suddenly presented with a way to share them all! Hooraah :)

I know this entry hasn’t really been all that introductory in the way of telling the internetz who I am, but if you want to know more, I did an introductory video on my youtube account, so…yeah that’s in the linky-link thingy *points awkwardly up the page*.

I am very lucky in the sense that I have achieved a lot in my short life span so far; I have experienced so many wonderful adventures and met some of the most amazing and talented people in the world and can call them my friends. I’m not using this to brag in any way; I am merely saying that I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have been thrown at me and I think writing it all down a) enables me to look back and remember, and b) let’s others read and hopefully enjoy them. I don’t claim to be an amazing writer by any standard. I’m just an ordinary girl with a computer and an adventure backlog that will hopefully make for enjoyable reading :)

I am really excited about doing this, and I can’t wait to start properly. The starting point like this I always find tricky; right now I feel like a singer who has just walked on stage, and this is the point where the initial applause has died down and there’s just silence, waiting for the music to start. Things aren’t perfect on the page I know; I need to make it more organised and just generally more aesthetically pleasing, but that will come soon. For now I just wanted to post something concrete so it’s official. The blog can exist, instead of an error page :)

So, here we are. This is and will be my new blog. I really hope if you are reading this that you haven’t already been put off by my inane drivel and that you will read more of my ramblings in the future. As I said before, I have no intention of this disappearing anywhere :) Also please feel free to comment on any posts, as I really love interacting with other people and that is another reason why I cherish the online community as much as I do. Up until recently I was never that active online, other than for watching and commenting on blogs and videos, but I have been doing more and more in the past few months, so I would like this to be something I can create and nurture to make it something I can be proud of.

And hey, when I die and this blog inevitably sinks and gets forgotten into the global matrix of the world wide web, I’ll cling to the hope that some alien life form will find my account, perhaps even hack into it and re-write it, so my life can be made just that bit more interesting. That’s the hope anyway.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. Thank you for reading.
Tomorrow = storytelling :)