This weekend was a good one. A very good one.

I recently met a girl called Sarah through a couple of mutual friends, and the weirdest thing has happened.

You know in primary school and kindergarten you come across someone you like; maybe they have the same hairband as you, or you both want to play with the same toy in the playground. Instantly it seems you are henceforth best friends, and that’s often how first friendships work in the minds of young children. I can still remember my five year old self running across the road to greet our new neighbours with my dad, and saw the girl clutching her own fathers leg at the door had in her other hand the same doll I had just got for Christmas. We were the exact opposite in looks; her the slim straight haired bright-white blonde, me the curly ball of brunette frizz, but our respective blue and hazel eyes met in wonder and curiosity of one another, and from that moment on we were best friends. Fourteen years later, that blonde girl is still my best friend.

But that’s always how I used to see friendships forming when I was little. Everything was so much simpler then, you were either friends or your weren’t, and you casually made your way through the playground clutching the arm of the one you knew wouldn’t ever push you in the sand pit. There was none of this drama about whether to accept someone as a friend on facebook just by looking at the number of the friends in common.

Growing older, this click of friendship turns into the cliques of the high school and even from the start I was still stuck in 1997, asking people if they had the pokemon cards I needed to complete my deck while they just glared at me and went back to discussing which make up gave them the perfect shade of orange.

I’m approaching my nineteenth birthday this year and I have just about the greatest friends all over the world that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of asking for. Friendships take time; you talk and grow to trust one another. You confide and share jokes and generally get along, whenever one is down, the other can always bring them right back up.  I have become so used to blending in with the clique routine that I never would have expected to become friends with someone and become so close in the space of about…well, as of now…a week and a half.

Sarah and I met filming the ‘Heart’s’ video we’re filming at the moment for our friend, and it was as if we were back on the playground as very young children, we just clicked. I guess being thrown into new situations with strangers does provoke making new friends and whatnot, but I found in more recent years it is always jaded with awkwardness and the constant pursuit of a good first impression. With Sarah it was like we had known each other for years, and were just catching up…the first time we met.

This weekend was of course the big Valentine’s Day one, and so Sarah came to mine and we moaned about boys and listened to amazing music and drank too much and partied at a Freelance whales gig (where I got to meet my friend Darren Criss’ brother Chuck which was awesome).  And so…yeah, the best weekend ever just happened. OH and we made the best cake ever. Enough said.

…aaaand we dressed up as Lady Gaga. Because we’re cool.

I just thought I’d share my thoughts on friendship. Some friends will come and go, but in more recent years I have made some of the most wonderful friends that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. I love you all.



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