Starting Afresh.

Those two words have cropped up a lot in my vocabulary since New Years, and I really do think this year looks a lot more promising than the last. Don’t get me wrong, some of the greatest moments of my life so far happened last year and I am so grateful for those that made the memories that I will never forget. But with the highs inevitably come the lows, and this year I am ridding myself of my glass-half-empty mind-set and I’m constantly looking for ways to brighten my day, rather than obsessively searching for the negatives.

But a new meaning of ‘starting afresh’ hit me today, twenty-one days into our brand spanking new decade. On the 15th of November last year, I was loading up lots of tabs on my browser so that I could watch ‘Me and my Dick’ on YouTube (by the starkidpotter boys, go watch it because they are wonderful). Anyway, my internet doesn’t carry upstairs in my apartment and I wanted to watch it in bed so I was waiting for all the YouTube screens to load up. When they had finished, I got my computer and started heading up the stairs in the dark…but I got my foot caught on the Disney Princess rug that sits halfway up on the stairs’ landing, and well…yeah. Needless to say my computer came off a lot worse than my ankle did in the long run.

So after a combination of leaving it to gather dust as I travelled the world, endless phone conversations to ‘Lindsay’ from my insurance company and just general impatience on my end, I finally ended up getting it sorted out. And guess what. My brand spanking new computer came TO. DAY. (I did want a mac, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. Plus I would rather spend that money on yet another trip to the Americas:D)

The sad thing is that because my laptop was ‘beyond repair’ they had to destroy it, and because my hard drive on that one isn’t covered on my policy, I would have to pay £70 to get it back…just no.

So today, as I was loading all my old software and programmes I use, I opened up my brand new iTunes and stared blankly at the empty library. I will admit, as silly as it is, a little part of me died when all my music in one second of my life vanished. That sounds so melodramatic but I really do not have a clue where I would be without my ipod. Thankfully I still have my music on there, but there REALLY should be a way of being able to upload your music to your library from your mp3 player. Is there a way? Can anyone enlighten me?! If not, Apple – Sort It Out. Thanks :)

As annoying as it is losing all my music and photos and work I have collected over the four years I had that computer, somehow there is a sort of comfort to be had. I would never have willingly deleted everything on that hard drive, but being forced into a new empty space feels very cleansing; a new start. I can begin this year with a clean slate and organize everything right from the start (I never knew where anything was on my old laptop.) Thus the new collection of memories begins, and I intend to capture as many as is possible to fill up this bad boy of a machine.

This post made me sound so materialistic. Computers and electrical goods and whatnot. It’s more whats on them that interests me. I need my daily fix of listening to the Next to Normal soundtrack :)



One response to “Starting Afresh.

  1. I had a similar situation with my laptop, it was broken in October, and after countless phone calls and forms, they said i would get a new one, but because of somebody’s cock up (for a month they blamed the fact that it hadn’t been delivered on the snow) i still haven’t got a new one. They wanted me to buy back my hard drive too, which i why i now keep a backup on an externeal HD :D

    also, as for getting your music off your ipod, try

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