So much things to talk on.

It has been far too long.

I have neglected this for the past three weeks or so in the wake of travelling halfway across the world to get home, spending a week with one of my dearest friends on the planet, and trying to have a peaceful Christmas and New Years with my mum (tried being the operative word).

So now I guess is time to summarise what has truly been an absolutely wonderful month in my eighteen years of life.

The second half of my Hong Kong trip was amazing. We went to Mainland China to go to a huuge market where they sell fake designer handbags and cheap new dvd’s. It’s insane; the exchange rate is £1 – 12 Hong Kong dollars, and the labelled price is almost relative to the prices in England! Crazy, although it was weird paying twenty dollars for a bottle of water, even if it was only about £1.70. In the market there were some men that were constantly following us around telling us to go in there shops and robotically reassuring us that they would help us with whatever we were looking for. It was incredibly annoying and as soon as we were able to shake one of them off, another would take his place. I didn’t like it at all, but I was still really surprised when I suddenly burst into tears and couldn’t stop shaking. I have never had an anxiety attack before, but I don’t know what it was about those men; I honestly have never experienced anything like that before because inside I was terrified, and looking back there really was no need to be. I needed some time to calm down, so I went to a swanky hotel lobby and got a drink whilst my dad and Johnny bought loads of DVD’s,  and Johnny got an amazing copy of a Daytona Rolex which is stunning.

At the end of the trip on our last day, we went to a theme park where the best picture of my life was taken. Seriously, check this out:

We are amazing. That ride was hilarious. The picture sadly hides our inner screams of fear…funny though.

So Hong Kong adventures came and went (on the flight back, Johnny and I watched ‘Up’ and I bawled my eyes out. Johnny didn’t so he has no heart. KIDDING. Really though, the saddest film I have seen in a long time) and I had such an amazing time it was unreal.  Thank you <3

I then had one day to sleep off my jet lag because the following day I had to pick up my friend Mr Alex Carpenter from the airport (I have never been to Heathrow so much in one week.) I’m going to save talking about the time we spend hanging out for another entry, because I want to do it justice; we battled through snow and ice on a long journey to Scotland, and I got to see a gazillion of my friends who I hardly ever get to see, so trust me there’s a lot to tell. In short, nothing short of an amazing week.

Then on Christmas eve, I stayed at my friend Alex Day’s house (I know too many It is confusing in my brain) to help him film a music video early the next morning for his song ‘Don’t Look Back’.  We got up at what seemed like an un-godly hour, which is saying something coming from the girl who used to wake up obscenely early on Christmas morning to scream that Father Christmas had been. We got in the car and drove around for  a bit until it got light, and then went to all the key areas that Alex wanted in the video. I started getting unnecessarily angry and frustrated when we were desperately searching for a parking space, and flat-out refused his ‘genius’ idea of parking right across the centre of ‘The Mall’. I would not get my car towed thank you ;) It was absolutely freezing cold and I had to get home so I was all moody and anxious, but through all that I could still see how great London looked almost completely deserted. It was actually quite creepy really especially Piccadilly Circus; the lights still reflected the hustle and bustle of day-to-day travellers, but only the two of us and the ukulele were there to see them. All in all it was a fun morning, and I got home safe and sound to my family in time to open all our presents together and have a lovely Christmas lunch.
Right now however, I’m back in my flat in London after being home for Christmas and I’m back at school, and I’m having a lot of those conversations with myself about whether I am getting what I want to get from this course I’m doing and where I want to be in the next year or two. I think I know, but I’m too scared to admit it because it means a huge life shift and big changes really soon…but I crave change, so I think whatever decision I make I’ll change something about my life for the better. Even if it’s only my hair colour. No…wait, I already did that :) Purple for 2010 was a good choice.

Thank you all for an amazing 2009 anyway, and my thanks especially to those friends who have stuck with me another year and the people that I really just couldn’t function without. You know who you are and I love you. I have learned so much over the past twelve months, and now this year is going to be even better. I always say you learn from your mistakes and hopefully you can grow, and the best memories and friends you have should be held very close to your heart, for you never know if you’ll be lucky enough to have another sunny day (trust me I know, I live in England).

Happy New Years, and heres to making the most of 2010.



One response to “So much things to talk on.

  1. I dont think you talked about Hong Kong enough yet. I wanna hear srazy stories about crazy adventures ;)

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