China is happening.

Well, it has only been two days but I am already SO behind with all thats been happening here, so I believe it’s time for a quick summary :)

Right now, I’m sat in my Dad’s gorgeous apartment on the Peak with a view looking out onto Hong Kong’s beautiful cityscape…unfortunately we can’t see the view right now as we are surrounded by a rain cloud of white mist, so what we can see of the view is actually zilch. I will take a photo of it that will BLOW YOUR MIND, but when it is actually visible. Typical brits; we bring the rain with us wherever we go! It’s meant to clear up tomorrow though, and I think we are going to head to Disney Land when it’s nice and clear too!

So Saturday night, I arrived in the airport, reunited with Johnny in baggage claim and we headed out into arrivals where I saw my Dad waving  us from across the walkway…needless to say I ran full speed towards him :) Two months is too long to be opposite sides of the world for us.

We went to dinner at a restaurant on the Peak looking over the city, and because that day was the start of the East Asia Games we got to watch all the fireworks out of the window as we ate!

The next day we headed out into Central Hong Kong to meet up with our friend Jazza, who came down from Nanjing where he’s studying. It took us a little while to find him, with problems arising like his phone going dead and heading towards the wrong underground station. (It’s so strange here; you get full signal on the tube all the time!!!) In the evening we went to my Dad’s friend Melissa’s apartment for dinner. It was a lot of fun, and Jazza got to practice his Mandarin on her husband.

The next morning we decided that we were going to have an adventure day, no matter if the rain had started to surround us. We headed to Kowloon Island and we all went ice skating in a big shopping centre. I hadn’t been ice skating in years, and I think all three of us were a little nervous of constantly falling over, but we all got the hang of it really quickly and were soon all zooming around the rink. There was a man who clearly thought himself an olympian as he was jumping and spinning all over the place. He actually did knock a few people flying. Thankfully he left quite quickly. I hope someone kicked him off.

Later, we went to Mongkok to meet Jazza’s friend Coco who lives in Hong Kong. She was so lovely, and took us to all these amazing places on Kowloon Island. It was the first time I actually felt like I was in REAL China. The Peak and Hong Kong Island where we are staying is very modern high-rise and westernised, whereas Mongkok was just…well, more how I thought Hong Kong would be.

We were walking around streets that were so crowded it was difficult to move, and we stopped a few times to look at the stalls selling the street food. In my opinion, we didn’t need to stop at all; the smell was so pungent I felt like I had eaten more of it that should ever be allowed. Johnny, being a vegetarian, wouldn’t eat any of it because it was basically just dead animals hanging on display, but even I couldn’t stomach any of it. Jazza turned round brightly at one point with a bag of squid tentacles, offering them out to us. We refused. Sharpish.

At the end of the evening, Coco took us to a restaurant called ‘The Modern Toilet’. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Surely not??’ Oh a thousand times yes. The whole restaurant is toilet themed. It was the weirdest yet most amazing place I’ve ever seen. The seats were toilets. The wall decorations were toilet seats. The food was served in toilets, baths and sinks, and the drinks were served in urinals! It was absolutely crazy.

So the past few days have really just been whirlwind of fun thing after fun thing. I hope the weather clears up soon though, or I will be very sad indeed. Johnny is on his computer and Jazza is revising Mandarin at the moment, but I think we are all off out to get something to eat soon so here I go finding a way to end this! I’m so excited for more adventures here.

I still can’t quite believe I’m in China. It feels like England…just slightly better and it took us a day to get here.



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