Adventures and Ideas.

Something extremely exciting that I’m preparing for right now is that I’m actually going on holiday tomorrow. A holiday to the other side of the world. More specifically, CHINA. Not only that, but my friend Johnny, aka (Johnnydurham19) is coming with me. I AM OFFICIALLY MEGA EXCITED!

At the end of September, my Dad moved to Hong Kong. I had just moved into central London to start my course studying performing arts at Italia Conti, and for all the time I knew I was going there (I got my place in February) I knew everything was going to be okay because if I needed anything, my Dad would only be a short trip on the tube away. I always knew my dad would move away on business. He’d talked about it for years; possibly Brazil, New York, always the exotic places. I think I get my sense of adventure and travelling from him :) Anyway, I always thought that would be way ahead into the future, not until I had finished school and drifted off to America like I always wanted to do. My Dad is more like my best friend; we see the world in very similar ways and have pretty much the same sense of humour. In short, I’m really grateful that I get on so well with him, because I really don’t know what I would do without him.

I remember the day this summer when he called me telling me he was moving to Hong Kong. I was in my friends’ apartment in downtown Hollywood, in the middle of one of the most incredible adventures I have ever had. That phone call punctured my perfect holiday bubble a little, but only for a bit because we lightened the mood by heading to a Dodgers game :)

Anyway, my Dads been living there for about three months now and I am flying out to see him TOMORROW. Also, our friend Jazza who’s studying in China right now is coming down to Hong Kong to see Johnny and I whilst we are there, which is exciting!!

Tomorrow I am meeting Johnny in central London to head to the airport together, but right now I am sat in Church ready to perform my last Carol Concert with Conti’s (my school) for the year. I’m still not even completely packed…I NEED TO GET BACK TO GET READY!

One of my flatmates, Royah, is rather obsessed with the Disney character Belle. She’s asked me to take one of her little toy dolls with me and to take pictures of her everywhere I go. Well, its something to do isn’t it?! I need to think of ideas for interesting places she can go :)

Of course, loads of photos and videos will document our trip, I can tell its going to be a good one, nay, an amazing one.



One response to “Adventures and Ideas.

  1. Oh, the perfect time to start a blog. Y0u are going to have so much fun. Plus, you will get to see all the exciting places that normal people miss out on in their travels. And, you have your Dad as a travel guide when he has the time. You are going to have a great time!

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